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What Is Nebari?

Nebari is an open source data science platform for teams with serious computational and collaboration needs, looking to:

  • Work in familiar IDEs like JupyterLab or VSCode
  • Scale work with built-in support for distributed computing with Dask
  • Share and manage fully-reproducible data science environments
  • Collaborate seamlessly with file and dashboard sharing
  • Schedule and orchestrate workflows with built-in Argo integration
  • Deploy, maintain, and monitor the platform without DevOps experience
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Service Packages

Nebari is designed to be deployed and managed without DevOps expertise. However, if you need a helping hand, require special customizations, or have complex existing infrastructure, Quansight has some service offerings to help you reach your goals.

As the creators of Nebari, we know it inside and out, and understand the underlying tools, including JupyterHub and Dask. We're experts in data science solutions, and have years of experience deploying and using Nebari for various client projects.

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Need some assistance with setup

  • Evaluate needs
  • Deploy Nebari on your infrastructure
  • Admin training
  • 1 month of support via email


Need assistance with setup, onboarding users, and migrating workflows

  • All services in "Starter" tier
  • User training (up to 15 people)
  • Single sign-on integration
  • 10 hours of custom/integration work
  • 3 months of support via email and issue tracker


Need assistance with setup, onboarding users, migrating workflows, and custom integrations

  • All services in "Standard" tier
  • User training (up to 45 people)
  • Optional special tools and use-case training
  • Installation into custom VPCs and private subnets
  • 50 hours of custom development/integration work
  • 1 year of support via dedicated Slack channel

Fully Managed

Nebari deployment on your infrastructure, completely managed and maintained by Quansight, with dedicated user support.

Event Services

One-time Nebari deployment and management to run tutorials and workshops, with user and infrastructure support during the event.

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  • A guided, hands-on Nebari demo
  • Custom integrations
  • Enterprise-level support
  • General Nebari questions


It [Nebari] is a really good way to produce a scalable Jupyter data science platform on whichever cloud you need. The Nebari developers don't serve just Jupyter (a common problem with many platforms is the focus on just Jupyter), they provide proper ideas and integrations for actual software engineers and also things like dashboard deployment and workflows, so they think about the whole development cycle.

~ Matthew Rocklin, Dask Lead Maintainer

We engaged Quansight with some Jupyter [custom on-prem Nebari], Python team development, data visualization skills in hand. Quansight helped us refine these skills by offering guidance in establishing our best practices, but more important to our long term analytical success, they helped us build a strategy around the use and deployment of these tools.

~ US-Based Systematic Hedge Fund & Commodity Trading Advisor

Before Nebari, we needed a devops engineer to launch and maintain the deployment for ESIP, but now anyone can maintain the deployment, users, and environments using the included GUI tools and simple configuration scripts. Nebari is not only easy to deploy and maintain, but our users have found conda-store to be critical for effectively working with research workflows.

~ Nebari Administrators at ESIP

Nebari is not only easy to deploy and maintain, but our users have found conda-store to be critical for effectively working with research workflows. Most open source packages use a release-early-and-often approach and users are eager to try new features, and conda-store is a killer-feature for any user to update environments that work with Dask Gateway clusters without building and distributed huge Docker images.

~ Anonymous Nebari user at a government geoscience organization

We chose Nebari to help manage our Kubernetes services better. With no full-time DevOps person, we needed a solution that could efficiently help us manage our cloud resources securely, as code. JupyterLab was not part of our motivation for choosing Nebari, but has been a very pleasant surprise- helping both with internal collaboration and onboarding new resources much more rapidly.

~ Sanjay Patel, CTO at Confluency

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I use Nebari as the platform for my team?

The first step to using Nebari is installing and deploying your Nebari instance. You can then add your team members to your instance and help them start working on the platform, leveraging the compute and tools your Nebari instance provides. Our services support you throughout this process.

How can I use Nebari as a blueprint to build my in-house platform?

Nebari is a free and open source project. You can go through the Nebari codebase hosted on GitHub to understand how we built it. If you have questions or need help building your own system, we’ll be happy to support you! We can discuss a custom support package for your needs: Contact us.

Do you offer options for support hours only?

Yes! We can discuss a custom support package for your needs: Contact us.

Do you offer options for training only?

Yes! You can choose from our catalog of advanced PyData training courses, or we can discuss a custom training package for your team: Contact us.

Can I access GPUs on Nebari?

Yes! You can configure certain instances with GPUs and manage who (users and groups) can access it.

How does Nebari compare to SaaS products like Anaconda Enterprise, Coiled, Databricks, Domino Cloud, Posit Cloud, Saturn Cloud, etc.?

Some companies offer data science platforms as a subscription service. They each solve unique problems and can be a great fit for certain use cases. For example, if you need only Dask or Spark on the cloud, you will be able to find companies that specialize in these domains. These companies are almost always friends of ours in the ecosystem, and we encourage you to evaluate each option for your specific needs.

Nebari is primarily designed as a free and open source project for the complete data science workflow with customized MLops integrations. It can be quickly set up and used by anyone without needing DevOps experience. The Nebari services offered by Quansight help you work with Nebari to provide immediate value to your business.

Another useful resource for comparing options is the 2i2c documentation.

How does Nebari compare to Cloud SaaS platforms like AWS Sagemaker?

Several cloud providers offer their own SaaS products that integrate with their cloud infrastructure. The most popular such platform is AWS Sagemaker. Typically, these are designed to support a broad range of common use cases. They also support widely used libraries like PyTorch and Tensorflow, as well as some vendor-specific tools.

Nebari takes a different approach because it is designed to be cloud and vendor agnostic. You can deploy it on any major cloud provider or on your on-prem HPC cluster or Kubernetes cluster. You can use it to integrate with any open source or vendor-supplied product. Flexibility is one of the core values for Nebari development, so it can adapt to your needs and support any tool/library/service with minimal effort.

You can select the approach that works best for your team.

How does Quansight and Nebari compare to 2i2c’s managed JupyterHub cloud service?

Quansight counts 2i2c as a friend organization. They implement a similar approach of providing services around open source tools. We both use the model of providing managed services on top of open source thereby avoiding vendor lock-in. Where 2i2c manages a JupyterHub installation, Quansight manages Nebari which provides JupyterHub plus powerful environment management, built-in scalable computing, visualization capability, workflow scheduling, AI/ML tools, and more.

Where 2i2c primarily targets academic and research institutions, Quansight primarily targets companies and government agencies. Quansight will fully manage your Nebari installation in a way that you can always “take over” and manage it yourself. We want to help every organization enable their data-curious subject matter experts to build powerful models, dashboards, and applications easily while quickly taking advantage of the evolving landscape of powerful open-source tools.

Can I obtain Nebari support from other companies? Is Nebari support available through the OpenTeams general open source support contract?

While Quansight sponsored the creation of Nebari, the project is built on community-driven open source foundations and is now itself a community-driven project. As a result, any company can provide support for Nebari.

As creators of Nebari, Quansight has deep expertise with major cloud providers (AWS, GCP, Azure, and Digital Ocean), Dask, Panel and Holoviz ecosystem of visualization, environment management, as well as Python’s geospatial stack. It is likely that Quansight will provide you the best support for Nebari.

In fact, OpenTeams, which is an open source support marketplace, uniquely works with us at Quansight to provide support for Nebari as part of its general open source support offering. You can contact for more information about their offering.

Using Quansight (or OpenTeams) to provide Nebari support will provide not only the most efficient answers to your support questions, but also be able to engage with the creators of the library to help you build custom solutions on top. Contact us.

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