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We work across industries to solve clients' toughest data problems by leveraging the power of open source software.

Quansight Labs

The public-benefit division of Quansight, Quansight Labs is our Python Data core team composed of open source maintainers and sustainers.

A Consulting Firm Rooted in the Python Data, Science, and AI/ML Communities

Quansight is a data, science, and engineering firm that specializes in solving complex, data-related problems by leveraging the open source software at the foundation of innovation in AI and ML. 

Our singular knowledge in scientific Python and its ecosystem of libraries and tools allows us to offer bespoke solutions that derive true value from data. Not only does this empower our clients with critical business insights and actionable knowledge, but it strengthens the open source packages much of the world’s technologies already depend on.

Quansight’s staff includes seasoned scientists, engineers, and developers with advanced degrees, and diverse and specialized domain expertise. Much of our technical staff are also contributors and maintainers of core PyData projects—including NumPy, PyTorch, SciPy, Jupyter, Nebari, Napari, Matplotlib, scikit-learn, Dask, conda, and Numba.​ 

Quansight was co-founded by Travis Oliphant, founder of Anaconda and NumFOCUS and the creator of SciPy, NumPy, and Numba.

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Quansight Labs: Annual Report 2022

It's here! We’re delighted to share Quansight Labs' first-ever annual report. See how we’re living up to our shared mission of sustaining and growing community-driven open source projects and ecosystems.