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Opportunity abounds in open source software, but it doesn’t always come with the support you get from a commercial software vendor. Quansight is changing that.

Quansight Labs

Quansight is committed to supporting the community-driven open source projects that are essential to the work we do: NumPy, Jupyter, Dask, scikit-learn, to name a few. We provide this support through our public benefit division, Quansight Labs.

Why Quansight

The depth expertise at Quansight is what differentiates us from other PyData consulting companies. Our global team includes many contributors and maintainers of the software libraries we support and use in our consulting work. Our team is comprised of active members of the developer community who understand the internal workings of the software and the processes used to create it. This makes us uniquely qualified to solve complex problems, fix bugs, and even add features to the libraries you already use.

Quansight Consulting

Projects like NumPy, SciPy, Pandas, Jupyter, Matplotlib, scikit-learn, Dask, conda, and many others serve as a foundation for data science workflows and a launchpad for AI. We have the privilege of participating in these communities and understand personally the need for people to be funded to work on these projects.

We also understand the needs of companies that use these projects, and aim to connect communities and companies to guarantee the health and accelerate development of the projects that tens of millions of users rely on.