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Building a Sustainable Open Source Economy for Creating Value with Data

Our services connect organizations and individuals who participate in the development and use of open source tools that turn data into valuable insights.

Our Story

Quansight was founded by Travis Oliphant, a well-known leader in the Python Data community. Travis has authored or led the creation of industry cornerstones such as NumPy, SciPy, Numba, and Conda, and helped establish NumFOCUS and the PyData conference series. He founded Anaconda and established the industry-standard platform for data science and machine learning. With Quansight, Travis has leveraged decades of relationships in the open source community to assemble some of the top talent in the industry.

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More than half of our full-time technical staff are active contributors to open source data projects. Many of them have leadership roles in those communities. Quansight is one of the largest contributors to the PyTorch project.

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One result of Quansight seeking to employ industry experts is that we are very diverse geographically. Another result is that we are diverse with staff in many continents, countries, cultures, and creeds. The Quansight team is dedicated to helping organizations succeed with open source software. It’s our passion.

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Leadership Team

  • Travis Oliphant

    Travis Oliphant
    • Founder, CEO
  • Matt Harward

    • Founder, CRO
  • Dharhas Pothina

    • CTO
  • Ralf Gommers

    • Co-Director, Quansight Labs
  • Tania Allard

    • Co-Director, Quansight Labs
  • Ashley Baal

    • Senior VP of Project Success
  • Dhavide Aruliah

    Headshot photograph of Dhavide Aruliah
    • Director of Education

Staff Spotlight

  • Isabela Presedo-Floyd

    • Pavithra Eswaramoorthy

      • Aaron Meurer


        Our Values

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          We are accountable and get things done.

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          We are willing to listen and to learn from others. We don’t have to be right.

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          We work as teams. We listen to each other and believe we do more together than alone.

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