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What Will You Do With Some Expert Assistance?

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Quansight provides the additional people and expertise needed to deploy new technology, solve complex problems, or optimize what you have in place so it runs faster and uses less memory. We regularly help data engineering, DevOps, data science, MLOps, and analytics teams improve their performance with the services listed below. We’ll give your team a transformative boost with some of the top talent in the industry. Don’t see the area where your team needs some expert help? Connect with us and we’ll design a custom engagement tailored to your team's needs.

Data Engineering & MLOps

We build the pipelines and workflows necessary to enable exploratory data science as well as move models into production, allowing you to iterate on how to use data effectively and securely across your organization.

Infrastructure, Scaling & Acceleration

We enable you to deploy and maintain cost effective and scalable compute and data science platforms in the cloud and on-premises using the best-of-breed open source tooling.

Visualization & Dashboards

As experts in the Python visualization and interactive dashboard tools, we can build an integrated visualization workflow that empowers your data scientists and allows you to easily share insights across your organization.

Open Source Integration

With our deep knowledge of the open source ecosystem, we handle the complexity of integrating your internal systems with the powerful open source tooling available for different domains.

Algorithms, AI & Machine Learning

Our expertise with the core packages that form the AI/ML space, including NumPy, PyTorch, and scikit-learn, enables us to build custom algorithms and powerful AI/ML models for you. We optimize your processes for efficient compute and GPU-enabled compute.

Packaging & Environment Management

With our proficiency in the PyPI and Conda ecosystems, we can help you package your code for distribution and implementation across your organization, and also help you with tooling and infrastructure to manage compliance, security, and reproducibility.

Jupyter Technologies

Whether you're just getting started with Jupyter notebooks, ready to migrate from classic notebooks to JupyterLab, or an experienced Jupyter user needing customized extensions or plugins, Quansight will empower your team in every corner of the Jupyter ecosystem.

Open Source Services

We offer expert services to help organizations of all sizes design, implement, and manage open source software (OSS) governance strategies. Wherever you are in your journey, we have the expertise to help you reach your open source goals.

Let's Put the PyData Ecosystem to Work for You