Packaging & Environment Management

Seamlessly package, distribute, and implement your code.

We can package AI, machine learning, and scientific software for deployment in the cloud, on-prem, and in air-gapped systems. With our proficiency in the PyPI and conda ecosystems, we’ll help you with tooling, infrastructure, and processes to manage compliance, security, reliability, and reproducibility of your software environments.

Packaging for C/C++ & Python

We're maintainers of hundreds of feedstalks on both conda and conda-forge and recently introduced the fast mamba solver. Employing our deep expertise in Python, C and C++, we’ll prepare your code for distribution both inside and outside your organization.

Packaging for Multiple & Alternative Architectures

Quansight’s engineers have experience with a wide range of CPU architectures, from x86-64 to M1/ARM to RISC. We will help you package your code for whatever platforms you’re targeting.

Enterprise Software Environment Management

Dev and data teams need the flexibility to install their tools, and system administrators need visibility and reproducibility of these environments. We’ll implement a solution with conda-store to give you all of these.

Packaging & Environment Management

Robust packaging and environment management workflows are crucial to efficient and reproducible use of internal and external software resources.

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