Jupyter Technologies

Set up your team’s Jupyter environment with the very people who helped create Jupyter, JupyterLab, and JupyterHub.

When it comes to exploring, cleaning, visualizing, and modeling data, analysts and data scientists have been using Jupyter notebooks as their first touch point to for years now. Empowering them to collaborate effectively and easily is the next step many organizations and teams want to achieve. We’ll get you from the single user experience to the collaborative team workflow you always wished you had—all within the Jupyter ecosystem.

Nebari & JupyterHub

Take advantage of seamless auto scaling on data science platforms with MLOps features, and cloud infrastructure for any sized team.

JupyterLab & Extensions

Explore development of new features and extensions, and support for existing functionality.


Get your team up to speed in the Jupyter ecosystem with expert notebook practices and robust workflow deployment made easy.

Jupyter Technologies

The Jupyter ecosystem is a core platform for modern, distributed, collaborative big data, and scientific analysis.

Some of the Open Source Projects We Use for Jupyter & JupyterHub

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Infrastructure, Scaling, & Acceleration

Visualization & Dashboards

Algorithms, AI, & Machine Learning

Open Source Integration

Packaging & Environment Management

Data Engineering & MLOps

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