Data Engineering & MLOps

Build robust, customized infrastructure & pipelines for managing your data.

Big data, machine learning, and scientific analysis projects require stable and robust infrastructure that can scale as your team or company grow. With the appropriate processes and infrastructure in place, an organization can consistently manage the components, tools, and processes of the machine learning lifecycle; from data ingestion, model training, validation, and tuning to model deployment, monitoring, and data provenance. Quansight engineers follow a structured framework to deliver our clients the best MLOps and data engineering solutions. We’ll help you organize your data, metadata, and systems to bridge access across silos, improve your data pipelines, modeling, and dashboarding operations, and overall reduce the friction for machine learning productionization.

Data Preparation & Cleaning

It’s often said that most of the work of data science is data cleaning. We can help you get your data ready to use in high-quality analysis pipelines.

Research-to-Production Transition

Exploratory and production data science have significantly different needs. We will assist you in bringing a promising early-stage analysis into production.

Data Catalog Building

You may have the best data in the world, but it’s of little use without quick, flexible access. We’ll help you establish a robust data curation solution.

ML Model Optimization & Deployment

Machine learning models need to be quick, accurate, explainable, and reliable. We can help you optimize and productionize your models to derive their maximum business value.

Pipeline Development

When new data comes in, you need to update your models. We can set up highly customized data and ML systems to streamline this process, freeing you to run with the insights they generate.

Data & Operations Dashboards

There's power in knowing your data and model workflows are operating correctly and efficiently. The Quansight team will build you dashboards to give you the foundational insight you need.

Data Engineering & MLOps

Well designed data engineering and MLOps infrastructure and processes are foundational to data science at scale. Robust MLOps processes and tooling make the whole machine learning process more transparent, reproducible, and efficient.

Some of the Open Source Projects We Use for Data Engineering & MLOps

A word from Quansight clients...

"It was a pleasure to work with such a technically savvy and professional team. Quansight always delivered on demands and satisfied them in a short amount of time despite challenges with a global pandemic. I couldn’t have asked for a more capable company to work with." — Anonymous, Senior Systems Engineer @ Fortune 500 company

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