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Our Passion for Finding & Keeping Top Talent

Quansight is an open source consulting firm that operates on a fully remote basis with team members spread across the globe. We cast a wide net to cover many locations, lifestyles, and backgrounds.

You’ll never be just an employee. You’ll always be you, with all your talent and potential and the opportunity to support our global community.

Skills and experience are good indicators of a person’s ability but we believe that attitude and drive are the key determinants of success. Given those, the rest will follow. We are looking for people who know how to learn, collaborate, and take action. We have positions within the growing ranks of Quansight and we’re always on the hunt for top talent. 

Whether you are looking for your first position or you are a seasoned professional ready to advance the state of the art, Quansight has the roles, mentors, and peers to help you realize your career goals.

Perks & Benefits

  • • Fully Distributed Working Environment

  • • 30 Days of Vacation/Holiday Leave Annually (inclusive of national holidays)

  • • 10 Days of Sick Leave Annually

  • • $2,000 Hardware & Home Office Budget

  • • $250/year Personal Development Budget

  • • Generous Paid Parental Leave

  • • In Person Company Retreats / Virtual Gatherings

  • • Conference Budget

Our Approach to Hiring

It is our purpose to deliver a great candidate experience for everyone applying for a position at Quansight. We embrace diversity and invite applications from individuals of all backgrounds, as well as make use of different recruitment channels to attract the best talent to our organization. If you have a disability, please let us know if there is anything we can do to make your interview process better, we’re happy to accommodate.

Camp Quansight 2022: Piedmont, Italy

In October 2022, Quansight staff embarked on a retreat in the picturesque Piedmont region of Northern Italy. As a company that values the power of teamwork and innovation, Camp Quansight served as a pivotal platform. It allowed us to forge stronger relationships, align with Quansight's strategic focus, and foster collaborative innovation. Check out the video for a glimpse of the retreat and hear firsthand insights on why staff choose to work at Quansight.

Open Roles at Quansight